Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Economy Is Going To Collapse

If we don't repeal health care and financial reform, freeze government bailouts, stop government spending, cut back on government wages (from the state level up to the President), scale down on staff, unnecessary position, and consolidate departments, our economy is going to collapse.

Right now, the White House wants to bailout the Unions. Why? The Unions took their members' money and used it to back their chosen political candidates in every election. Did they think the money would never run out? I think it's time the Unions took on some responsibility. Their members paid for a service, and the Unions spent the money. It's up to the Union bosses to make it right. Not the American public.

The congressmen we've had for decades are still making the same mistakes. They passed a 2300 page financial reform bill (another one they didn't read), that's filled with pork and special interests. The bill creates so many departments within the government, they can't even count them all. And who pays for this?

The government is desperately trying to hang onto the health care bill, but not to help The People. That 2000 page bill is another bill that's packed with pork and special interests. If they lose the bill, they lose support of those groups.

That's what's wrong with our government. Everything is about getting re-elected and nothing about The People or running our country responsibly.

For the sake of our nation, it's imperative that we VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS and take back America.

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