Monday, September 27, 2010

Democrats Are Desperate Enough To Use An Impeached President To Speak For Them

Since Obama’s poll ratings are in the toilet, he had to get someone else to speak for him, someone who motivates crowds.

Up steps Bill Clinton, motivational speaker extraordinaire.

Don't get me wrong. I like Bill Clinton, and so do the crowds. But Bill has an ulterior motive. He isn’t doing this for the Democratic Party. He’s not even doing this for America. He’s trying to keep the Dems in power so Hillary will have a shot at president in 2012.

How sad that the Dems can’t run on their own accomplishments. Oh, wait. I forgot. There haven’t been any. In fact, the only things the Democrats have done have been against The People.

I wonder exactly who is paying all of Bill’s expenses while he’s on the campaign trail? And who was paying for Obama’s?

No matter how many times, or how many ways we say it, the Dems still don’t understand that they are destroying our country, our economy, and America’s international reputation by spending us into a debt from which we cannot recover.

One of their favorite sayings is; “If we hadn’t spent this money, the economy would have been much worse.” Really? Says who, the economic committee that’s been fired because they were doing such a lousy job?

The truth is, if the Congressional majority (Dems) had; “Voted out bills like health care and financial reform (that no one wanted), reduced unnecessary government positions, stopped non-vital grants, given job incentives to small businesses (instead of bailouts to major corporations), and curtailed government spending, we’d most likely be out of the recession by now.”

We can't let them continue for another term.

For the sake of all Americans, present and future, we’ve got to take back our country.


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