Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Presidency Is Not A Trial-And-Error Position

Every day, president Obama shows his inability to head our country. His mistakes are far too many, from apologizing unnecessarily for America, to his poor selection of cabinet members, to his attempt to force bills on us that no one wants, to his massive spending. Our nation had never been run so inadequately. But I do agree with him on one thing...It's Time For A Change!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bribery Is A Republican View?

Are the Democrats blind? Our lawmakers have taken bribes to pass a law no one wants. Our president has condoned these bribes. This is not a "Republican view". This is illegal.

All senators who accepted bribes for passing this bill should be relieved of their office immediately. Those who offered the bribes should lose their positions and stand accountable.

What do the American people have to do to get your attention, Washington? Bribery is unacceptable, whether you call it political manuevers or not. It's a crime.

And what about our senators' failure to read the bills? We expect our lawmakers to be honest--and to read each bill in its entirety before they vote. If it takes a long time, then so be it. If they haven't read it completely, DON'T VOTE FOR IT!

But most of all, these officials are representatives of the American people. They need to listen to us when we speak. WE DO NOT WANT THIS HEALTH CARE BILL.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Government Corruption

Government corruption begins with pet projects, bills that the American public would never allow...if they knew about them. That's why their hidden, tagged onto the back of acceptable bills. Our politicians are well aware of these 'unacceptable projects', but they are handsomely rewarded for over-looking them.

There is a very simple solution to stop government corruption: One bill. One issue. No pet projects, no piggy-backing, no pork. One bill, one issue, in layman's english.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Human Rights For Terrorists?

Muslim terrorists don't believe in human rights, so why are we trying to force our beliefs on them by court-martialing 3 American Navy Seals? Muslim terrorists don't want or need these liberties. I think we should respect their wishes.

Our military is doing everything they can to keep us safe, no matter what it takes. If the military echelon punishes our soldiers for that, those people should join the terrorist’s regime, because they certainly aren’t Americans.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Leaky Lips

Has anyone noticed lately how much of our national defense information is being touted all over the news?

Why would the Obama Administration allow our military's interrogation methods (good or bad) to be released to the news media, where any foreign enemy can use them against us? Where human rights activists (who probably didn’t lose a loved one in the 911 attacks) could demand that the courts discard crucial evidence that might convict the terrorists who murdered 3,000 innocent people? Do other countries allow their militaries to divulge this type of information? I don't think they do.

Why was the media allowed to announce the deficiency in our troops in Afghanistan? And didn't anyone notice how the roadside bombs, suicide bombs, and attacks increased shortly after this information was made public? How many lives were lost because of this?

Why was the media allowed to graphically show where our troops would advance next—to the exact area where the enemy was believed to be concentrated? Don’t they realize the militants will move if they think they’ve been discovered?

What ever happened to responsibility? Maybe the Obama Administration and the media need to follow a Simple Solution rule: YOUR ARE AN AMERICAN FIRST. Recognition for your work is just a side-effect.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Has Washington Lost It's Common Sense?

With 24 million people without health care (because they can't afford it), I cannot believe that Congress, the House, or the Senate would even consider a bill that forces people to buy insurance or be financially penalized. Our Electees are apparently being swayed by something other than the "voice of the people". They certainly aren't listening to the ones they supposedly serve.

The simple solution?

Say it a little louder, America: "NO GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTH CARE"

If that doesn't help, then vote out all incumbents in the next election, and change the laws.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Terroists Trials

How could we even consider trying the 911 terrorists in a civil court? This solution is very simple. Our nation was attacked by terrorists from another country. They committed an act of war when they killed 3,000 people on American soil. Whether the 'act of war' was formally announced or not makes no difference. These radical extremists infiltrated our nation's defense, murdered men, women, and children, and should be tried by our military like all other war criminals.

Which reminds me...why did Obama publicize our military's methods of interrogation?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Increase For Social Security?

That is so far beyond ridiculous it's almost funny. Of all the cutbacks available, why would 'the powers that be' choose to take money from the elderly? From people who can't make up the difference in the rising cost of living?

While they were deciding on these cutbacks, I wonder if our beloved leaders also chose to deny increases in pay to elected and appointed officials? And, of course, all government employees?

My guess is no.

How does Obama justify pushing to give away trillions of dollars to corporate business while taking the money away from defense, schools, and the elderly?

And worse...he didn't do it alone. Something is seriously wrong in Washington DC.

But there is a simple solution. DO NOT re-elect an incumbent. We need to elect more conscientious, realistic, decision-makers.

And if things don't get better soon, we need to consider removing all offenders from office immediately.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Black In America? Latino In America?

I thought racism was outlawed. This morning I heard on the news that it's COOL to be black. Latino's are changing the face of our nation. Why is that? Because some news commentator says so?

Why is the media constantly referring to different races? What are they teaching our children? That you have to be a certain color to be COOL? We are all just people. The color of our skin shouldn't make any difference in life or on the news.

The simple solution: Racism will never go away until we (and the media) let it go.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama's Policies

I've been following Obama's political and personal idiosyncrasies, and most of them smell of something really nasty. Like all charismatic politicians, he promises everything and delivers nothing. And his apologetic behavior in other countries is intolerable.

I believe we are in serious trouble if we don't curtail his power, pull his head out of the clouds, and soap him down.

Sometimes I wonder why we elected a president with the initials B.O. to begin with.

The solution is simple. We need to use our voices. Let our elected officials know we can and will relieve them of their duties if they chose to play follow the leader or pursue their own agenda instead of listening to the people.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bills & Laws

In any given legal situation, ignorance of the law is an unacceptable excuse. But have you ever noticed that even attorneys and judges need to refer to their law books?

How can they possibly expect the average citizen to know every law?

This has a relatively simple solution.

First: Since we, the public, are expected to follow the laws, I believe they need to be simple, to the point, and written in layman’s English.

A two hundred page bill, written in a language only 10% of the people can understand, is a gross waste of time, paper and ink.

Second: Uncomplicate the laws. One bill one issue. No more unacceptable laws piggy backing on admissible ones. Each law needs to stand on its own.

Third: Bills should be posted (in common English) on a website, perhaps named…”pending bills”, or a TV station, or some other highly visible venue, to allow the public to examine each issue before it goes up for vote.

Just think of the time, money, confusion and trees we’d save.

Health Care

The uproar over the health care system has been an issue for nearly every president since the 60’s. But Michelle Obama gave the solution and didn’t even realize it.

She was telling the story of her own years growing up and how thankful they were that insurance covered various illnesses. Back in those years, employers paid for insurance. That’s why nearly everyone had it. And no one abused it.

Well, we can’t go back, but we can do something about the root of the problem. Frivilous lawsuits.

Before these came about, people understood responsibility and lessons learned. They understood that if two boys got into a fight and one broke the other’s nose, it was each parent’s responsibility to take care of their own child’s temperment and medical condition–NOT try to get someone else to pay for it and more by suing them.

The simple solution: We need a mediator between the public (and their lawyers) and the courts. One that can weed out frivilous lawsuits from genuine ones.

We need to make the law tougher on those who abuse the system. If one instigates a lawsuit and loses, they need to reimburse the courts, the defendant’s lawyers, and the defendant for his/her time and inconvinience.