Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Increase For Social Security?

That is so far beyond ridiculous it's almost funny. Of all the cutbacks available, why would 'the powers that be' choose to take money from the elderly? From people who can't make up the difference in the rising cost of living?

While they were deciding on these cutbacks, I wonder if our beloved leaders also chose to deny increases in pay to elected and appointed officials? And, of course, all government employees?

My guess is no.

How does Obama justify pushing to give away trillions of dollars to corporate business while taking the money away from defense, schools, and the elderly?

And worse...he didn't do it alone. Something is seriously wrong in Washington DC.

But there is a simple solution. DO NOT re-elect an incumbent. We need to elect more conscientious, realistic, decision-makers.

And if things don't get better soon, we need to consider removing all offenders from office immediately.

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