Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bills & Laws

In any given legal situation, ignorance of the law is an unacceptable excuse. But have you ever noticed that even attorneys and judges need to refer to their law books?

How can they possibly expect the average citizen to know every law?

This has a relatively simple solution.

First: Since we, the public, are expected to follow the laws, I believe they need to be simple, to the point, and written in layman’s English.

A two hundred page bill, written in a language only 10% of the people can understand, is a gross waste of time, paper and ink.

Second: Uncomplicate the laws. One bill one issue. No more unacceptable laws piggy backing on admissible ones. Each law needs to stand on its own.

Third: Bills should be posted (in common English) on a website, perhaps named…”pending bills”, or a TV station, or some other highly visible venue, to allow the public to examine each issue before it goes up for vote.

Just think of the time, money, confusion and trees we’d save.

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