Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Health Care

The uproar over the health care system has been an issue for nearly every president since the 60’s. But Michelle Obama gave the solution and didn’t even realize it.

She was telling the story of her own years growing up and how thankful they were that insurance covered various illnesses. Back in those years, employers paid for insurance. That’s why nearly everyone had it. And no one abused it.

Well, we can’t go back, but we can do something about the root of the problem. Frivilous lawsuits.

Before these came about, people understood responsibility and lessons learned. They understood that if two boys got into a fight and one broke the other’s nose, it was each parent’s responsibility to take care of their own child’s temperment and medical condition–NOT try to get someone else to pay for it and more by suing them.

The simple solution: We need a mediator between the public (and their lawyers) and the courts. One that can weed out frivilous lawsuits from genuine ones.

We need to make the law tougher on those who abuse the system. If one instigates a lawsuit and loses, they need to reimburse the courts, the defendant’s lawyers, and the defendant for his/her time and inconvinience.

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