Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Presidency Is Not A Trial-And-Error Position

Every day, president Obama shows his inability to head our country. His mistakes are far too many, from apologizing unnecessarily for America, to his poor selection of cabinet members, to his attempt to force bills on us that no one wants, to his massive spending. Our nation had never been run so inadequately. But I do agree with him on one thing...It's Time For A Change!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bribery Is A Republican View?

Are the Democrats blind? Our lawmakers have taken bribes to pass a law no one wants. Our president has condoned these bribes. This is not a "Republican view". This is illegal.

All senators who accepted bribes for passing this bill should be relieved of their office immediately. Those who offered the bribes should lose their positions and stand accountable.

What do the American people have to do to get your attention, Washington? Bribery is unacceptable, whether you call it political manuevers or not. It's a crime.

And what about our senators' failure to read the bills? We expect our lawmakers to be honest--and to read each bill in its entirety before they vote. If it takes a long time, then so be it. If they haven't read it completely, DON'T VOTE FOR IT!

But most of all, these officials are representatives of the American people. They need to listen to us when we speak. WE DO NOT WANT THIS HEALTH CARE BILL.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Government Corruption

Government corruption begins with pet projects, bills that the American public would never allow...if they knew about them. That's why their hidden, tagged onto the back of acceptable bills. Our politicians are well aware of these 'unacceptable projects', but they are handsomely rewarded for over-looking them.

There is a very simple solution to stop government corruption: One bill. One issue. No pet projects, no piggy-backing, no pork. One bill, one issue, in layman's english.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Human Rights For Terrorists?

Muslim terrorists don't believe in human rights, so why are we trying to force our beliefs on them by court-martialing 3 American Navy Seals? Muslim terrorists don't want or need these liberties. I think we should respect their wishes.

Our military is doing everything they can to keep us safe, no matter what it takes. If the military echelon punishes our soldiers for that, those people should join the terrorist’s regime, because they certainly aren’t Americans.