Monday, November 23, 2009

Leaky Lips

Has anyone noticed lately how much of our national defense information is being touted all over the news?

Why would the Obama Administration allow our military's interrogation methods (good or bad) to be released to the news media, where any foreign enemy can use them against us? Where human rights activists (who probably didn’t lose a loved one in the 911 attacks) could demand that the courts discard crucial evidence that might convict the terrorists who murdered 3,000 innocent people? Do other countries allow their militaries to divulge this type of information? I don't think they do.

Why was the media allowed to announce the deficiency in our troops in Afghanistan? And didn't anyone notice how the roadside bombs, suicide bombs, and attacks increased shortly after this information was made public? How many lives were lost because of this?

Why was the media allowed to graphically show where our troops would advance next—to the exact area where the enemy was believed to be concentrated? Don’t they realize the militants will move if they think they’ve been discovered?

What ever happened to responsibility? Maybe the Obama Administration and the media need to follow a Simple Solution rule: YOUR ARE AN AMERICAN FIRST. Recognition for your work is just a side-effect.

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