Monday, September 20, 2010

The Media And Dems Still Don't Get It

No matter how many times or ways we say it, the Media and Dems still don't understands. The Tea Party isn't about Democrats or Republicans.

It's about eradicating the current Congress; the one that’s been in office for decades, through several presidents (even the Bush era), and is still making the same mistakes. The elected officials who know all the loopholes and methods to use America's tax dollars to their benefit (especially when it comes to raises and perks).

The Congress that refuses to listen to The People.

Maybe if the Congress would take just a few minutes out of their hectic day (campaigning?) and read the 2nd paragraph of The Declaration of Independence (the transcript), they would understand.

They are only in office as long as we allow them to be, and it's our right as Americans to abolish a destructive government.

We plan to exorcise that right in November.

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