Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama Wants Control Of The Internet

Our government can't be trusted. What starts out as monitoring, will quickly move to recording, to taping, to altering, to deleting, etc.

The government has intruded in our lives far more than we have allowed them. They'll go farther if we don't stop them.

They have wanted to censure or control the internet since they found out how powerful it is.

If they get their hands on 'monitoring programs or systems', they will soon delete anything they find contrary to Washington's beliefs (and classify it as a threat).

Wa-lah. Complete control.

This supposed monitoring for terrorists activity has nothing to do with security, otherwise, they'd have gone after telephones, mail, and faxes long ago.

The problem they have with the internet is the speed with which people can communicate and discuss the insanity of our government.

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