Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obama And His Congress Have Forgotten Something

In the last two years, Obama and 'his' congress have forgotten that they are in office to represent the people, not to control them, or dictate to them, or ignore their voices.

Now Obama has lost most of his economic team, which is a good thing since they didn't have a clue as to how to improve the economy. I hope Obama learned something from this. Stop letting your friends help you run the country. They're failing. Get some real economists, with years of experience (not in government), and listen to them. Then ask The People (not congress) before making a sensible decision.

Everyone who said (during the election) that Obama didn't have enough experience to be President, was absolutely right.

The only things that have grown in this economy under the Obama administrations is his ego...and the government.

His overgrown ego is his problem, but the government needs to back off. They need to stay out of our homes and stop telling us what to do. The foods we eat or feed our children are our choices, not Michelle Obama's. The punishments with which we choose to correct our children are our choices, not those of the CPS. What is taught to our children in school is our choice, not the decision of some bias, misguided, government-run school board.

Leave our health care system alone until you have a real plan that works. Not some 2,000 page bill that's filled with pork for your special interest contributors.

Leave our lands alone. They are not yours to do with as you wish.

Stay out of our homes and our lives, Washington. You are our representatives, not our dictators.

I sincerely hope that, after November, our 'new' congress will stop trying to do all things at once like Obama has, and take one issue at a time, starting with the economy. I hope they will stop listening to Obama's power speeches and start listening to the people.

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