Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Is This Even Being Considered?

Why would congress, the people we elected to speak for us, even allow this bill on the table?

The purpose of HR 4173 The Wall Street Reform and Consumor Protection Act is not reform or protection. It would grant the president, the FDIC and the Securities and Exchange Commission total control over our banks WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF CONGRESS. It gives the Executive branch the right to determine which banks should declare bankrupcy and which banks they choose to bailout. In other words Obama would have TOTAL control over our monetary system. Does this not amount to dictatorship? They will easily be able to "protect" us out of all we own.

Several weeks ago I was discussing bankrupt banks with a representative of Wells Fargo Bank and he told me that the insider scuttlebut was that Wells Fargo would soon be one of only 3 banks left in the world. WORLD BANKS.......We would all be on an international monetary system like the EURO. Total control. Total international control?

Keep the government and president's hands off our money!

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