Monday, April 26, 2010

Vote Out Incumbents

No matter how good an incumbent seems to be, the fact is, they let us down when it counted most, with bailouts, outrageous spending, and ludicrous bills. They don't deserve another chance. Besides,they'll be paid very well for the rest of their lives--for a short time in office.

I've been pouring over my voter's pamphlet for the last two days. I refuse to vote in another incumbent. In fact, there are a few candidates that have been senators, reps, etc. I won't vote them in either. Apparently they did nothing to stop the bureaucratic bull in Washington. Also, in my pamphlet, there's one seat that has no candidates at all. I'll write in my own name rather than vote for an incumbent.

I have been leaning toward Doctors and lawyers who, until now, have not been involved in politics. Maybe they're getting involved because of the direction the country is headed. And, I'm fairly sure most doctors do not want health care reform that will cost us more than 4 generations can repay, and they could possibly help us repeal that awful bill.

At least, that's my take.

I'm going over now to check out the We need all the help we can get to save our country.

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