Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obama's Getting Desperate

On Fox News this morning, one of the commentators (sorry, I don't recall which one) was quoting someone in the "current administration". Apparently the Dems have been told/convinced/bamboozled into believing that the public has a short attention span, and they will forget all about this health care issue come November. Apparently that's why Obama is pushing for oil exploration, even though he campaigned against it. He's desperate for anything to take the focus away from his beloved health care bill and the people's demand to repeal it.

He knows if this bill is repealed, not only does his credibility go down the toilet, but so do all those 'earmarks' and pork on this bill that was paid for by some mighty deep pockets to his campaign fund. Without their support, Obama doesn't stand a chance of getting relected. In fact, he might even get impeached.

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