Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Muslims Exempt From Health Care Reform?

The way the congress and other merciless individuals have complained about Christian beliefs in this country, I thought religion now took a 'back seat', yet in the HC bill: HR 3590, pages 273-274 it states that muslim, amish and certain other religions are exempt from this plan.

Hmm. Let me see. If you're a member of congress, you know how lousy this bill is, so you're exempt. If your a muslim, you're exempt. If you're amish or any other religion that doesn't believe in health care, you're exempt. So they're telling us it's only certain religions who are forced to suffer the consequences of this bill. Is that right?

Why is congress allowing with this? Do they really expect any of us to vote for them again...EVER?

And why has this been kept out of the news? Do I see Obama and/or congress' hand in silencing the media?

I think it's time to start doing a little exempting of our own. Maybe we should start with 'exempting' Obama from the office of President.

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