Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama And His 'Sheeples' Will Pay In November

We The People elected these officials to speak for us in the lawmaking process. But, when they became 'sheeples' of Obama, they forfeited the respect and allegence of the American public.

Obama has them convinced that he can get them re-elected in November, but why on earth would they believe him? He's never yet told the truth.

No matter what Obama promises, the Dems will definitely pay in November. I wonder what their beloved leader will say to his 'sheeples' when they are all ousted?

Of course, Obama will have his own dues to pay in 2012, if not before.


  1. if ombama is someone who has "never told the truth" what to make of the axis of evil, dubya cheney and rumsfeld, they ware resposible for some of the biggest lies ever told by anyone, anywhere, any time.
    (and while we talking of the axis of evil they are personally responsible for more deaths than al-qaida and saddam added together)

  2. Passing the buck again? When are Obama's sheeples going to stop diverting the subject away from Obama's lies and unconstitutional behavior? When are they going to admit Obama was the biggest mistake the voting public ever made?