Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's In The Water?

The health care bill and Obama's unsavory tactics are huge problems, but even bigger concerns are the men and women we elected to speak for us. We did not elect them to follow their own agenda or to follow a radical president who has shown his contempt for America since he took office. They are OUR voice.

Maybe we should find out what's in the water our congress is drinking. Why are they so mesmerized by a man who has made every attempt to destroy our country, from releasing terrorists, to interfering in military procedures, to apologizing to other nations for our 'arrogance', to bowing to foreign kings, to spending trillions of American dollars for supposed recoveries that couldn't possibly work, to reconstructing our Constitution to suit his own purpose, to arrogantly insulting our allies, to flatly ignoring the voice of the people?

Repealing this health care bill is only the beginning. On the heels of that should be proceeding to replace congress, fire Pelosi, and impeach Obama with all possible speed.

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