Sunday, March 7, 2010

No on Obamacare. Yes on Obama Resignation

What do we have to do to make Obama and Washington listen to us? We The People have repeatedly told Obama and his minions that we don't want his health care plan. We cannot afford it. Maybe, if Obama hadn't gone on a spending spree when he first took office, it might have been a possibility. But, we are so far in debt now, we may never get out. Still he keeps pushing. What makes him think his plan is the only solution, when we've repeatedly told him NO? And what's the big hurry? This health care plan will only add to the debt and raise taxes on us that we can't possibly afford.

Still, the will of the people is being ignored. Are deep pockets behind Obama's dogged push?

The only things I'd like to here from Washington is the announcement that the health care bill failed--and Obama resigned.

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