Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Time To Cut Obama's Leash

Why is Obama still trying to push that health care bill through when We The People have made it perfectly clear that we do not want nor will we accept this bill as it's written? We have not said we don't want health care reform, but we have repeatedly told him to scrap this 2000 page bill and start over.

Could it be that he won't do it because he doesn't have enough time? Because he knows after the November elections that there isn't much chance the Dems will rule the house and it will be extremely difficult to push through any of his idiotic plans? And what is he offering these Dems to get their votes when they know it will cost them their jobs? Is he trying to do as much damage as he possibly can, while he still can?

And what about the incident at the State Dinner? Security at the White House was breeched, and the culprits actually shook hands with the president. And the woman responsible for the event's security was socializing rather than doing her job. Did Obama fire her for putting his life in danger? Nope. That might tarnish his image. And she was his 'friend'. So he had others 'suggest' she leave.

Ah, now he needs a replacement. Does he hire someone with vast security knowledge and experience? No. Instead he gives the job to one of his campaign minions who was in charge of finances. Either he's incredibly ignorant, or his ego so inflated that he honestly thinks he's invincible. Either way, the man has no common sense. And he has no business running our country. We need to cut him loose.

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