Monday, May 17, 2010

What's In California's Drinking Water?

I can't believe California is rattling chains, trying to get people involved in boycotting Arizona, or that normally intelligent adults are falling for this. What a crock.

California is a lousy example to say boycott. They're broke because they have so many illegal aliens in their state that they can't keep up with the cost of crimes, medical expenses, lack of tax revenue, and a soaring unemployment rate--all of which are directly attributed to illegals.

California's so overrun with criminals they release them early because they don't have the money to house and feed them. Yet they support their current illegal alien laws? What on earth is in the water they're drinking?

This state deserves to go bankrupt, and if our government lifts a finger to bail them out, The People of the United States need to boycott Washington.

I wonder how California will feel when Arizona retaliates by cutting off a good deal of Southern California's power from the Colorado River? Or stalls trucking into the Governator's beloved state. Or any number of things Arizona is capable of doing to the economy of California.

If anyone needs to be boycotted, it's the tarnished golden state itself.

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