Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is Obama Jet-setting On Our Money?

I just heard on the news that Obama plans to go 'beyond' the media to personally reach the people to sell his Democratic party.

Hmm. I wonder where he's getting the money? How is he paying for his transportation? Is he using the presidential jet? What about security? Who is paying them? He wouldn't dare go anywhere with out them. What about his lodging, meals, phone calls, etc.? Who is paying for those?

And while he's jet-setting around trying to further his own agenda, who is taking care of the problems with our country?

On another note, I'll be anxious to see how everything turns out over the latest upset. Apparently Obama and his cronies offered a big government job to a senator if he dropped out of the race against their candidate. According to the news, the justice department (I think that's the one) is investigating this claim.

And, of course, there's still the issue of his appointment of his 'friend' Kagan to the Supreme Court. Congress is fighting it because of her lack of experience, something Obama knew before he nominated her, but they are concerned there may not be enough votes from the Dems side. What a crock.

No matter the reasons, Obama does not and never has displayed the responsible characteristics of a genuine president.

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