Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Arizona Sheeples

Do the Tucson officials honestly believe that tourists want to come to a state that’s overrun with illegals, thieves and murderers? For goodness sakes. Why would the officials worry about hurting the tourist trade when no one wants to go to a place so unsettled?

Why are they slamming their own governor (I hope she’s taking names) for trying to stop crime? All Tucson is concerned about is Arizona’s pocket books instead of its people.

The governor is trying to regain control of Arizona. Why is Tucson criticizing someone for making the effort while they do nothing? This isn’t about the legal citizens of Arizona. It’s about the illegals--and they are just that illegal. Stop defending them!

Obama has caused this ruckus, with his deceptive comment about a mother taking her child for ice cream could be stopped and told to produce her citizenship papers. WHAT A CROCK. That wouldn’t happen.

Obama will say anything to keep the Hispanic vote on his side. He doesn’t care about the Hispanic people or Arizona. He cares about his political career.

And now, he’s dragging Arizona’s sheeples into the web with him—and all it’s going to do is destroy their careers.

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