Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama And His Congress Are Getting Nervous

November is getting closer, and it's easy to tell by Washington's sudden supposed turnaround that they're nervous. I wonder how many people are actually buying into Obama and the Dem's latest attempts to improve their ratings?

Does Obama really think that sending 1200 troops to AZ, who may or may not even go to the border, is going to impress anyone? I agree that it's a start, albeit a very poor one. And I strongly suspect it's all for show.

As is his sudden interest (after nearly 6 weeks of devastation) in helping control the oil spill.

And what about his generous offer to meet with Republicans--then his frustration at getting nothing accomplished. Did he think he could schmooze his way through again? Why is he so sure the Repulicans are the ones who are wrong and unbending? Isn't it remotely possible that he's the offending party?

Obama preached and lied to America in order to worm his way into office, then he litterally brain-washed our Congress into his way of thinking. America won't let that happen again. If our congress isn't strong enough to stand up to one self-serving, arrogant, radical dictator, then we don't want them in our government.

All of Obama's big-business money backing won't help now. Let Obama knock himself out spending his 'contributors' money on advertising. America won't be deceived by him a second time.


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