Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boycott Arizona? Buycott Arizona?

How about boycotting Mexico and all the turncoat American companies who jumped on the Mexican bandwagon when NAFTA passed.

No matter how many demonstrations occur, no matter how many boycotts (which are useless), and no matter how many protests, the fact still remains that illegal is illegal.

If the Hispanic people want to become American's they must go through the proper channels like all immigrants before them.

There is no racial profiling in Arizona. There is simply a matter of upholding the law. If anyone is stopped for any reason, they much show their ID. It doesn't matter what race or color they are. And to make an exception in the case of Hispanics would be discrimination.

There is no reason for America to 'make an exception' in their case, even though our politically motivated president would like to think so.

Obama has shown his true allegiance with this issue as with many others. He will do anything to advance his career, even ignore his presidential duties of securing our borders in order to hold onto the Hispanic vote. And somehow, (perhaps with bribery?) he's gotten our normally intelligent members of congress to follow mindlessly.

If Obama won't do his job because of his own political agenda, he needs to go. And so does congress.


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