Friday, July 2, 2010

Obama Is Lying About Economy

In the president's quick speech this morning, Obama boasted that there was a large increase in jobs during the last quarter, but they were temporary census jobs. Now he's claiming there is job growth in the private sector. Really? Since when? SHOW ME THE ACTUAL NUMBERS. Any tiny increase in anything to do with the economy, Obama touts it like it's a major victory. He's lying to the American public.

His plan for the helping the economy tanked, yet he cannot force himself to admit he was wrong in the bailouts, wrong in the Health Care Reform, and now he wants immigration reform rather than border control. He is ignoring the law, trying to allow 11-18 million more jobs to be taken out of our economy so the Democrats can get votes.

Why is this person still in the White House? Why is this Congress still making our laws? Since Obama took office, he and 'his' Congress have done more damage to America and its economy than any other administration.

For the sake of our nation, we have got to unseat them.


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