Friday, July 16, 2010

Obama Is Hurting Hispanics, The NAACP And The Black Community

Stirring up the Hispanics and the NAACP is all Obama has left. He's failed at everything else, so he doesn't have any accomplishments to brag about during the upcoming election campaigns. The only card left in his hand is the racial card--and he'll use it any way he can. He'll get his friends and acquaintances and loyal followers to use the card at every opportunity.

He doesn't understand or see the weakness in his plan (just like all the idiotic plans he’s initiated since he's been in office), nor does he see how much he's hurting the Hispanics, the NAACP and the black community. They are saying things that are untrue, and in doing so, they're discrediting themselves before the entire nation.

Leave the Hispanics and NAACP out of your political strategy, Obama. They're doing just fine without your damaging input.

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