Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NASA Confirmed As New Muslim “Outreach” Organization

The Obama Administration and Congress will do anything to switch the focus away from the sagging polls and atrocious job their doing in Washington. Not to mention the nation-breaking bills (such as CAP & Trade) they're trying to sneak through while they think we're preoccupied.

Turning NASA into an ‘outreach’ institute is absolutely ridiculous, and they know it. It just another diversion. We The People did not authorize the government to spend our tax dollars on any program to reach out to Muslims or any other religious organization.

If we truly need to give NASA something to do, why not use those great minds to figure out ways to create jobs, grow the economy, and stop outrageous government spending?

This is just one of many examples for why we need to get rid of this self-serving, wild spending President and Congress completely.


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