Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clinton And Obama Disagree On Colorado's Candidate

Bill Clinton is one of the few people I've seen in the Obama administration that's actually using his head. Clinton listens to what the people are saying. He knows that most incumbents will be voted out in November.

Obama feels The People aren't intelligent enough know what they want, so his strategy is to water a dead horse.

Clinton got a new one.

Is common sense as dead as their horse in the Obama Administration? What are these people drinking? Don't they understand that WE voted them in, and WE can vote them out?

Does Congress and the Obama Admin believe they've become miraculously untouchable?

Obama has chosen the wrong path since he's been in the White House, and apparently, he's still doing it. His financial reform bill and immigration reform are just the lates two of his idiotic schemes. Has presidential power distorted his thought process?

What does it take to get him to listen to the people, a nuclear bomb blowing up an ant hill (as he accused an opponent)?

Someone needs to sit Obama down and explain that he's not a politician anymore. He's a president. He needs to start acting like one. If he listens to The People and does the right thing for the country instead of his beloved party, the votes will follow.

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