Friday, August 6, 2010

Worst Economic Growth In Months, And Obama Thinks We're Doing Good?

I can't believe Obama or his scatter-brained administration. He must really think Americans are ignorant.

We got word today that jobless numbers are up and jobs added are down. So what does Obama do? He goes on television telling everyone things are getting better.

What a joke.

Obama claims the 800+ billions in bailout money are helping the economy. He brags that 6,000 jobs were created by the bailout.

Really? That's it? These companies received billions and they only added 6,000 jobs?

That's pathetic, and the worse part of this whole thing is Obama actually believes this is good.

No wonder no one will admit to voting for him. But I doubt they'll make that mistake again.

In the meantime (in November), 'his' congress is going to be booted. No matter how good or likeable that senator or representative might be, they still voted in bills the public opposed.

We don't need people like that in our government.


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