Monday, August 16, 2010

Developers Lied To Officials About Owning Mosque Land

According to a news article in the NY Post on Aug 8, 2010:

The developers of the controversial mosque proposed near Ground Zero own only half the site where they want to construct the $100 million building.

One of the two buildings on Park Place is owned by Con Edison, even though Soho Properties told officials and the public that it owns the entire parcel. And any potential sale by Con Ed faces a review by the state Public Service Commission.

“We never heard anything about Con Ed whatsoever,” said a stunned Julie Menin, the chairwoman of Community Board 1, which passed a May resolution supporting the mosque.

Okay, we know the mosque not fully owned by Soho, and any sale from Con Edison will have to go through the Public Service Commission. So, why, after the city of NY offered Soho Properties state land (in a less volatile location), and financial help, would they refuse?

Is it because a move to a new location would cause them to lose the "In your face, America" impact?

Then there's the problem of laws.... Many Muslim men marry girls under the age of 10. The legal age in America is 18. Whose law will prevail? And how will it be enforce it?

Allowing this Mosque to be built is wrong, and we all know it. When is someone in Washington DC going to step up to the plate and stop this desecration of our laws and our country?


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