Sunday, August 1, 2010

Democrats Don't Believe They Have Anything To Worry About In November

What arrogance. Of course, that's been their problem all along. Dems believe they are above the law. They blame every problem that crops up on the previous administrations.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the ‘previous administrations’ had the same congress? They are career politicians who long ago forgot they are the ‘Servants’ not the ‘Lords’ of The People.

They are so self-involved that they have completely missed what The People are trying to do. This isn’t a personal fight against Democrats. It’s a fight against a corrupt congress (most of which are Democrats).

We don’t care if you’re Democrat or Republican. We care that you are one of the corrupt career politicians whose deep pocket contributors may or may not even be Americans, and whose interests supersede the common sense and clear-thinking rationale of what were once decent men and women whose only goal was to make a better America.

Too bad greed got in the way. November is only three months away, and We The People intend to take back America--and replace this corrupt, self-serving government with people who genuinely care about our country.

1. Representatives who will not believe they know what’s best without the input of The People.

2. Congressmen and women who will pass a term limit law for congress, allowing them to serve only two terms.

3. One’s who will abolish (except in a warfare emergency) the president’s right to pass laws with ‘executive orders’, or any other law that allows him/her to bypass congress.

4. A Congress that will not pass laws against the will of The People.

5. Representatives who will repeal a law if it is what the majority of The People want.

6. A Congress that will not pass a bill until they have read it in its entirety--and fully understand the proposed law and its implications.

7. A body of lawmakers who will swiftly suspend anyone suspected of violating the ethics or laws of our nation, and if found guilty, expel and punish the perpetrator immediately.

These are the leaders of our nation. They cannot be corrupt or bias. Their only goal should be to listen to the people and follow the Constitution. There can no longer be one person or one group of people who have a right to force their beliefs onto others.

This is America, and it is governed by The People and for The People.

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