Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama's Pretty Speech To The Troops Was A Joke

Obama is now trying to take credit for forcing BP to pay for the oil spill. Where was he for the last month? BP has said over and over again that they will pay for everything.

But BO wants America to think he forced them into it. Does he think American's have had their heads buried in the sand for the last 57 days? We all know the truth.

He did nothing for the gulf until he was pushed into it. He has spent what little money we have foolishly and recklessly--and now he's asking for more to help the gulf (what happened to his 'firm hand' on BP?). He's used bribery and coersion to pass bills The People don't want. He refuses to send troops to protect American borders from invaders for political reasons. He and 'his' congess ignore the Constitution (unless it suits them), such as Ammendment 28, and US Constitution Article 4, Section 4.

Obama is too politically driven to even do his job. And no matter how much BO wants to smooze Mexico's President and court the Hispanic vote for his own gain, he is ultimately and totally guilty of 'dereliction of duty'.

America has had enough bureaucratic bull....

Our votes will be solid and in one direction come November. VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS. Obama and the Dems know our goal, and they are getting nervous. Thats why Obama has suddenly become so visible...and so articulate.

The man has an ego the size of the Atlantic. He can't possibly expect people to believe him again? He's lied about everything--and done nothing.

As much as the Obama administration would like to think so, Americans aren't stupid

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