Sunday, June 6, 2010

Free Photo Ops For Obama

On the news, it showed Obama in LA, sitting at a table with a few locals, and listening to their problems concerning the oil spill and how their livelyhood is being destroyed, how their means to feed their families has been devastated.

Obama looks so sympathetic. But it's all for show. He ignored the pleas from these people for nearly 6 weeks--until his ratings started dropping, and America started pressuring him to do something.

Unfortunately, all he's done is go to LA three times, creating photo ops! In one, he's bending down, pinching the sand, looking sad. In another, he's nodding sympathetically, while a local explains that he's put money out of his own pocket to help his neighbors. What press for Obama!

But does he offer a check from the government that will help these folks now, knowing he can be reimbursed by BP later? Or does he offer money out of his own fat pockets? Not a chance.

Obama is down there to draw the media--and raise his ratings. The man still doesn't understand that the only thing transparent in our government is him.

I guess he thinks his outrage and anger and pointing the finger at BP and Hayward will cover his own lapse in tackling this problem. But, that's Obama. Always blaming someone else.

What a pathetic president.


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