Monday, June 14, 2010

Obama Is Still Playing Politician

Our leader is at the gulf trying to make a show of being in control of the oil spill (a little late and inadequately), and you can bet he will take credit for every postive step from this point forward. But, while he's concentrating on this issue, he's neglecting what's happening in the rest of the nation.

Our country is on the verge of economic collapse, yet our president does nothing to stop the influx of illegals who are adding daily to this economic crisis.

He is so desperate to re-elect 'his' congress, that he'll put the entire US at risk by trying to hang on to the Hispanic vote.

Obama must stop acting like a politician and start being a president. No more token show of support to the border states. He must actively and fully secure our borders and deport illegals. Now!

Then he must pass a major bill to heavily fine ($10,000 per employee) any employer who hires an illegal. On the second offense: double the fine and jail time if necessary. Third offense: revocation of license and seizure of all assets.

Obama needs to take genuine steps now, or resign.


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