Thursday, February 25, 2010

Corrupt Politicians. Any Ideas On How To Stop Them?

Everyone has their own ideas on this subject, some realistic, some far-fetched. Here's mine, although I'm not sure into which category my view falls. Could be a little of both.

What if anyone could run for office if they acquired enough signatures (a pre-determined amount, collected through an unbiased third party) to get them on the ballot. The candidates would be limited to the amount of money they could spend to get these signatures, and all donated or campaign money would be placed into a pool and split equally between those who qualify for the ballot. Media air time would also be split equally between each candidate.

The person who uses the soundest judgement and spends the least should get the job. Anyone found to be taking money on the side should be arrested immediately and brought up on charges. Every candidate or elected official will be subject to financial audit without warning.

The only way we'll ever have an honest government is if we get rid of corruption. Maybe if we get enough ideas, we can merge a few and come up with a solution.

Got any ideas?

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