Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Is There An Issue Over Where To Try The Terrorists?

This is an issue that should have been resolved the first time it came up. No one except Obama and the few Senators he was able to sway (by whatever means) want the terrorists tried in New York.

The voice of the people has made it very, very clear that this is unacceptable. Not only because we don't want these criminals given access to American lawyers and taxpayers' money. We don't want the terrorists here, period. They committed an act of war. They are war criminals. They need to be tried by the military.

So why does Obama and his cohorts still push to get this issue through? Why are they wasting our money arguing over something they know damn good and well the people don't want? Do they have some secret ulterior motive? What is going on?

Obama's arrogance and his I'm-the-president-and-I'll-do-as-I-please attitude is going to get him impeached.

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