Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dream Act? Or Yet Another Washington Nightmare?

Harry Reid is trying to convince Congress and The People that his 'Dream Act' bill will be good for everyone.

In what world?

He claims that these poor youngsters were brought here as small children by their illegal parents (through no fault of their own), and this is the only life they've ever known.

So what Reid is actually saying is We The People have been paying for these illegal aliens for decades, and now he wants them to have more.

What is it about illegal that Harry Reid doesn't understand?

And why now? Why is this issue suddenly so urgent? Reid knows we're in the middle of a recession and trying to cut spending. So why would he propose another $6B annual spending bill on America right now?

What's wrong with requiring these youngsters to become legal immigrants like all before them--instead of offering yet another free hand-out?

I think something smells in Washington--and it's coming from Harry Reid's office.


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