Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Elected Officials Only Have Power As Long As We The People Allow Them The Priviledge

Somewhere along the line, our President, Congress, Senators, and Legislators didn't grasp the part of their schooling about being representatives of The People.

They didn't understand (and still don't) that they only have power as long as We The People allow it.

This whole election uproar is because the men and women we elected to represent us refused to listen when we spoke. Who on earth convinced them that they knew what was best for us?

They ignored our voice and spent outrageous amounts of OUR money, passed destructive bills that we voiced (very loudly) that we didn't want, they put our country and people at risk by failing to do their job by securing the borders, and the President even ignored our representatives to pass executive orders that no one wanted. What kind of government does this?

Not ours.

Obama wanted change, but the change was for Washington.

We demand change, and we will have it...for America, not politicians.

And no one will stand in our way to make this country whole again.

Tomorrow America votes. Maybe Washington will hear us this time.

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