Saturday, October 23, 2010

Unions Are Spending Millions And Millions To Keep Democrats In Power

I can't believe how much money the Union bosses are spending on Dems. Last I heard, its at 87.5 million, in addition to the 50 million the Dems themselves are spending. And bussing voters to re-elect Dems? Why? Are they that desperate?


It's simple really. If Democrats lose power to the new Republican party (who actually care about the people it represents), then the Union bosses will no longer have control of Washington. They will no longer receive 'special interest' projects. No more big money contracts that should have gone to the working public. No more power to sway politicians and congress.

But most of all, they're afraid a new congress will eliminate the Unions entirely--leaving job openings for ALL people.

Take Back America!

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