Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harry Reid In Voter Fraud Scandal

Reid's supporters, SEIU, were in charge of setting up the voting machines in Nevada. Strangely, as voters went to their machines to cast their ballots, Harry Reid's name was already checked.

As soon as the story was reported on the airways, oddly enough, the check mark disappeared, and Clark County, NV claimed the people (several of them) who reported this anomaly had made a mistake.

I'm sure they did. But isn't in convenient that the machines miraculously corrected themselves before the authorities got there to check them?

Another Dem ploy? Probably. Their only concern is the power of their party...not what The People want. Bad mistake. They've forgotten that they work for us, not their party--and we can fire them.

There is something seriously wrong with the thought process of the current congress. Why else would they even consider passing bills without reading them? If they think they're too long, then the decision-makers should wait until they can find the time to read them before making such an enormous, life-altering decision. What was the hurry anyway? To give Obama what he considered to be a feather in his cap? Too bad it fell out.

This election isn't about parties and issues as much as it's about saving our county from radical extremists who follow Obama's dream of a world order, one that does not include the freedoms we enjoy.

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  1. Yeah, I live under the rein of 'ol Harry Reid. Hopefully Harry Reid will be history Tuesday.

  2. You should get the word out to your fellow Nevadans. Harry's dirty politics have nearly destroyed Nevada.