Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Obama's Stalling On Keystone XL Is Keeping Gas Prices High And Jobs Down

Obama's delay in approving the Keystone XL pipeline is just another of his blatant attempts to hurt America. There is no reason for it. There are too many upsides. No oil spills. Energy efficiency. Lower gas prices. And the biggest plus of all, JOBS! Why is Obama stalling? To cause more damage to the economy? Because he can't make a decision by himself? Has he listened to The People? Or, is he waiting until it's time to vote, to give Democrats some kind fabricated of edge in the election? He can't possibly think American's are that ignorant. That's been his problem all along. He and his sheeple administration and Congress have foolishly underestimated The American People. We are intelligent, focused leaders, not his mindless minions.

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